A toothbrush, a comb and ticket home - Interview with Justin

What was the first song or verse you ever wrote?
I remember one, it was called Oasis, an instrumental.  Ironically, on a list of possible group names at the time, I wrote ’ The Oasis’ !  If only I had left the ‘The’ off it would have had potential.

Any favorite places you like to visit in the cities you are playing on the up-coming summer tour?

A decent dressing room?

Which guitar did you use to record "The Voice," "Blue World," and "I Know Your Out There Somewhere"?

‘The Voice’ was my Martin D28 and my 335.  Both ‘Blue World’ and ‘I Know You’re Out There Somewhere’ started as recordings in my music room, and I took the percussion, keyboard, bass and guitar tracks I had recorded to the main studio, and they became the bones of the recordings. On ‘Blue World’ I played mainly a 1963 Stratocaster (I don’t have it any more), and  ‘I know You’re Out There Somewhere’ was my 335, plus a midi guitar of Tony Visconti’s I played that drove my DX7 synth (you can hear it best on ‘The Other Side Of Life’).

What’s been the most memorable story (that you can recall) for recording any Moody Blues album?

Mike lying on the floor of the studio in the dark, recording the poems.

If you could add one song from your solo catalog to the Moody Blues setlist, what would you choose, and why?

‘Raised On Love’ – it’s nice to play and sing.  It would be nice to do ‘Forever Autumn’ or ‘Blue Guitar’  sometime.

If you could choose anything from the Moody Blues catalog to include in a future Moody setlist WITHOUT having anyone else's opinion figuring in, what would song or songs would you want to bring back?

‘You and Me’ - I think Graeme would like it too.

Is your new guitar going on tour with you in 2010?
I hope it will at least be backstage watching!

Did the Moody Blues' equipment stored in Nashville get affected at all by the recent floods in that location?

Don’t know – I’ll check.

Everyone misses how you use to throw in the brief James Bond theme during your solo on I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock 'N' Roll Band). What was it that made you stop doing that in 1990? Any chance of you reviving that someday?
Everyone?  Everyone except me then.     I just don’t remember it, sorry about that – but if something or someone had “made me stop” doing something I would have remembered that – and I don’t.

Do you have any plans in the near future for any public solo appearances?
War of The Worlds?

Do you think you and John will stop doing "The Dino Shuffle" before the band retire?
Does John do it as well?

What unusual non-musical item are you never without?
A toothbrush a comb and a ticket home

Was the transition to the new brand of guitar strings for your Red 335 a smooth one?
Yes thanks, and enjoyable to find a good match for my guitar.

What needs to happen in your life that hasn't, that would make you feel your life is complete, your wishes granted, your goals met?

The perfect curry!

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