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Q: Had you heard much of the Moody Blues music before you were asked to be keyboard player? If so, were there certain songs which really caught your attention?

Alan Hewitt
  I've known the guys for about 20 years, we were both with the same management in the nineties and I was actually considered for the key spot back then, but things didn't work out for whatever reason. I've always loved their music and I was very familiar with most of their songs...

Q: What do you think made you stand out amongst all the other keyboard players that auditioned?

Alan Hewitt
  They really liked what I did with the orchestrations and how I reverted back to some of the original sounds and parts. But I think a big part was that they thought my personality would be a good fit. When you're with someone 24 hours a day thats really important. It's a given that you know your instrument and can play well....

Q: Whose idea was it for you to do some vocal work [on this past tour] and do you think that will increase?

Alan Hewitt 
One of the things the band was looking for was someone who could do vocals. Justin gave me some songs to sing and as I got more confortable we added more. There will be more as time goes by...

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