Q&A with Justin Hayward & John Lodge recently conducted Q&A's with both Justin Hayward and John Lodge:

Q and A with Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues

Why was the song order changed, and why were some songs deleted from the Royal Albert Hall 2000 DVD?
JH: Sony expressed interest in releasing this album some time ago as it was out of contract but they only wanted 10 tracks. That was unacceptable to us and they went away for a while. Recently they came back and said 'OK twelve'. None of us had much to do with any of these decisions at all, but I believe (I'm not sure) the new running order was mostly determined by the show order, unlike the original release, which was decided entirely by the DVD directors/producers. I hope the DVD is still available, if so, get all the tracks on that.

Audiophiles say that the original 6 of 7 SACD's in surround sound are in 4.0 quad like the original quad tapes and not 5.1 surround, can that be explained why they were labeled as being 5.1 Surround?
JH: Universal thought, and I agreed, that as the original quad had only appeared on 8 track, and only a very small amount made or sold, and as this was already mixed in quad by Derek Varnals and Tony Clarke, in the original studios, at the original desk, with original echos and equipment, and as it was physically impossible to remix anyway because DOFP was made on only 4 track, (Lost Chord 8 track and already bounced together across for double tracking melotron and vocals etc), that the quad was the only true surround sound. The only alternative was to attempt (if you could find the right machines and systems unique to Decca) to remix already bounced and premixed tracks of the later albums. No one thought that was an option better than releasing Derek and Tony's brilliant mix that only few had heard. It's better than any remix could possibly be.

The great feature of 5.1 is the Mastering, and the quad tapes were mastered perfectly into 5.1. Much better mastered than the old quad method with tape limitations. The original studio Derek/Tony - It's the best!

Have words or music ever come to you in a dream that later became a part of one of your songs?
JH: No, but arrangements for songs have.

Is there an aspect of nature that especially helps to inspire you in your song writing?

JH: The sea and the sky.

Have you composed any songs on your guitar you finally got back from the Donnegan years? Is it now just a personal experience to play it, or will you record or perform with it sometime?
JH: I already have since it came back.

What happened to plans for working on Jeff Wayne's "Spartacus?"
JH: I never heard of any plans that involved me. Must be misinformation.

What is going through your mind when you gaze off into the balcony during the applause for "Nights In White Satin?"
JH: I'm so sorry, but it's impossible to describe. It's such a wonderful few moments.

What was the greatest challenge you have ever faced in your career?
JH: Trying to get my song Fly Me High recorded at Decca, and to get us to do all our own songs.

Q&A with John Lodge at
How do you feel about cell phones being held up during a concert?
JL: Its the 21st Century...straight to Youtube...shows the Moodiy Blues are current.

Do you find people taking photos at concerts negatively distracting, even without a flash?
JL: Its where most of the photographs of the MBlues come from for the programme. Fans normally  forward the photos they like.

What kind of audience participation really gets you going?
JL: Smiles

When you walk away at the end of the concert, what makes you walk away and go, "YEAH, that's what's it's all about!" Part 2, when was the last time you felt that way leaving the stage?
JL: Has to be the volume of the applause... I hope I leave that way after every concert, but Radio City in New York was a particularly good feeling.

How many times have you been delivered to a concert via helicopter?
JL: Probably 10...

Any plans for a new live DVD?
JL: Not at the moment.

Do you plan a follow-up to "Sunny Sunshine Faces?"
JL: I want the world to hear Sunny Sunshine Faces, for the Children of the World and I hope Dwame Husbands will get the success he deserves.

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