Q&A With Justin Hayward - 2010 Tour Edition

Q and A with Justin Hayward of the Moody BluesWe've got even more Q&A with Justin Hayward - Check it out!

 Bus vs Flying: Which do you prefer? 

Flying every time. The bus reminds me too much of going up and down the motorways in the early days – fun but tough – and funky with 6 guys in a van.

What is your New Year's resolution? 

To take a better look out for scooters on the roads round (one reversed into me without seeing me over Christmas) - give them more room. Try pulling up at the lights in Genoa and see how long it takes to be surrounded by scooters like a swarm of wasps.

Have you been doing anything interesting during this off time leading up to the tour?  

I go on tour for some time off! I’m afraid don’t seem to have have any time off being a writer, musician and Moody Blue – it never stops. - take now for instance – I’m replying to this – and a hundred other things demanding answers.

Any new instruments or gear that you'll be putting to use on tour? 

Maybe a Melotron (wouldn’t it be nice – let’s see) I’ll be using new/different strings on my 335 too, for the first time in 43 years.

Will any portions of the 2010 tour include orchestral accompaniments?

None in the book yet,  but offers are coming in. I do hope so.

Will you be keeping the same songs/set list from the summer 2009 tour for the tours in 2010, or adding a couple different ones?  

Not sure yet.

What city/venue are you most excited to play in on the US tour? 

I’m looking forward to a new Nashville gig. (I think we haven’t played there before, Moodies fans will know) 

The UK tour?

The O2 Arena with the Moodies. It was brilliant with The War Of The Worlds tour.

Have anything exciting planned in any cities for off days or before shows?  

Off days - Having a lovely big bed to disappear in. Before a gig? – getting everything in tune perfectly - spending some time with our crew - having fun with fans and the Storytellers thing.

Are there any memorable moments you can recall from any of the places you are performing on these upcoming tours?

One time in Orlando John and I went to DisneyWorld and loved it.  Nashville is one of the best cities in the world anyway, and I’m looking forward to seeing friends there.

What can fans expect to see/hear during these upcoming shows? Any surprises you can hint at? 

No hints yet –sorry, only surprises.

Most of the US tour dates are along the East coast…any possibility of heading out west in the near future?

Yes, summer time, all being well. 


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