Q&A With Justin Hayward - Part I

Justin Hayward checked in with for a Q&A.  Check out Part I below.  Part II will be available soon.

What would you say is the cause for Moody Blues' continuing popularity and admiration?

I wish I knew, but I suppose it’s because we didn’t follow the normal rules and just went our own way, and I always like that in music. Most important of all though is the contribution of our fans ---they, and only they (no record co or promo outfit) are why we are here!

Which Moody Blues' album is your favorite and why?

At the moment - ‘The Other Side of Life’. It was at such a great time in my life.

Where do you typically draw inspiration to write your songs?

From a strong emotion. I start out intending to write one kind of song and another just appears. I love it. My guitars and my keyboard sounds help too. I love them, they turn me on. So do people!

How did the Mellotron revolutionize the Moody sound and future progressive rock?

On the Moodies sound , yes.  My songs worked well when Mike played it. ( I liked his piano too, as on ‘Fly me High”) it completed our identity.
The whole of prog Rock? -- It would be a brave man that claimed that.

When not on tour, do you ever miss certain elements that accompany going on tour?

Room service.

What was it like to tour in the 60's vs. touring today?

60’s — 5 people in one English car!      Now – 7 people on a bus.
I loved every moment of the sixties. It was scary , serene, inspirational and fab! I’m so glad I was part of 60’s London.

You have practically toured all over the world. Which city and/or venue would you consider your favorite location and why?

I loved the O2 Arena in London. (I did it with ‘The war of the Worlds’) Brilliant dressing rooms, nice people, great artists bar, easy to get to (for me anyway).    2nd best,-- but only just, -- Le Sporting in Monaco — same reasons.

How has the music industry changed from the definitive era you were lucky to be a part of in the 60's?

Has it really? The new music I listen too is still played by the same kind, or type of artists I liked then. The music industry itself has changed out of all recognition. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Click HERE for Part II.

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