Aging English rockers retain much of classic power, punch

By Doug Pullen / Special to the Times

The group that gave us "Tuesday Afternoon" spent Tuesday night at the Plaza Theatre taking a sellout middle-aged crowd of 2,000 through the more than four decades in which England's Moody Blues have endured.

Time has reduced the band of five to a trio of core members, but it hasn't reduced them to a hackneyed oldies band. Granted, the version of the Moody Blues that played the Plaza on Tuesday doesn't have a lot of new material from which to choose. "December" was their last studio album five years ago, and one song from that holiday album, "December Snow," made it into Tuesday's nearly two-hour, 20-song performance.

The key here isn't that most of the songs are more than three de cades old, or mostly date back to their 1967-72 heyday; it's the attitude with which they played them.

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