Graeme Compares the Importance of Lyrics to Melody

By JAMES CURRAN - Staff Writer

An argument had been steady through the history of rock 'n' roll ---- the importance of the lyrics compared with the melody.

According to drummer Graeme Edge, part of the success for the Moody Blues ---- who will perform today and Friday at Pechanga Resort & Casino ---- came from the band letting him create verse first, which is usually unheard of in pop music.

The British-based band, known for a seamless fusion of orchestral sounds with rock beats, appreciated Edge's skill for rhyme to the extent that the band's biography lists him not as the Moody Blues' lyricist, but its poet.

"It's one of our unique marks, you know? Something that sets us a little aside," Edge said. "It makes me a pretty rare breed," he added with a laugh, "and so are the boys for putting up with me."

Edge said that for much of the band's run ---- which included hit singles in three decades, starting in the 1960s ---- all he had was the tempo his fellow musicians wanted to work with. He admitted that this backwards approach to creating songs often became an obstacle inside the studio.

"There was no melody first ... I tried to at least make it fit into a song for them, but often, I get too wordy," Edge said. "The guys said I had to cut back, but if I cut back, it sounded like nonsense.

"Fortunately, the guys said 'You're right. What can we do?'"

Edge, the only remaining original member still with the band, said he doesn't frown upon standard songwriting methods, where lyrics often are the final touch.

"A lot of songs work beautifully with that way, but if you take the words away, it doesn't hang on its own as poetry," Edge said. "A poem, you can use real English."

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