The Moody Blues Sell Out Not One But Two AZ Casino Shows


The Moody Blues sold out their Sunday concert at Desert Diamond Casino so fast they added a second show for Monday.

That sold out just as quickly.

Why? How can a band that last year celebrated the 40th anniversary of its debut album blow into town and sell out two concerts — about 5,000 tickets in all — when it hasn't had a big radio hit in decades?

Let's consider a few reasons:
● "Nights in White Satin" is timeless, and coming from the band that originated it is priceless.
● Founding member Graeme Edge is still along for the ride, and so are Justin Hayward and John Lodge, both of whom joined early on in the band's history. This isn't a band that sort of resembles its original self; this is a band as near to the original as you can hope for. The big difference: The band's a trio instead of a quartet.
● The Moody Blues were playing progressive rock when folks in their native England liked to describe it as "art rock." It was indeed artistic, including the band's seminal 1967 album, "Days of Future Passed," which featured the London Festival Orchestra. The album, the band's sophomore recording, launched it as a pioneer of prog and classical rock.

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