New Exclusive Interview with Justin!
We recently interviewed Justin Hayward, asking questions about touring, musical influences and inspiration and so much more.  Below are Justin's answers.

What do you think of the new Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Theme Park ride “Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin: The Trip?
I know a little of the proposed visuals for the ride but certainly not the full picture. What I have seen is interesting and fun. I know the music is great though — cos I recorded it!

Would you consider the ride a true visual interpretation of "Nights in White Satin?"
I don’t think that is possible. The song is so personal to me that my own representation would probably be strange and inaccessable to others. This is a visual representation by people who love the song and the feeling it gives them. Music is so subjective and I feel good about the feeling they have for our song.

What would you say is the cause for Moody Blues' continuing popularity and admiration?
I wish I knew, but I suppose it’s because we didn’t follow the normal rules and just went our own way, and I always like that in music. Most important of all though is the contribution of our fans ---they, and only they (no record co or promo outfit) are why we are here!

Which Moody Blues' album is your favorite and why?
At the moment - ‘The Other Side of Life’. It was at such a great time in my life.

Where do you typically draw inspiration to write your songs?
From a strong emotion. I start out intending to write one kind of song and another just appears. I love it. My guitars and my keyboard sounds help too. I love them, they turn me on. So do people!

Read the complete interview.

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