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Road Report: New York and Atlantic City


Well, 30 plus dates of music, close to six weeks of touring, and its all come to a close. This tour was fantastic. This past weekend in Atlantic City we had a chance to chat with each of the band members and they were more than pleased with how great the tour had gone…stay tuned because we have great new video interviews that we will be posting soon!

The Radio City show was just magical. They play such beautiful concerts there. The place was on fire, and of course it was a sell out, what else would you expect?! It was an amazing night, truly. I spoke to Justin briefly before the show and he was talking about how much he loves this (New York) city. It really is wonderful!

The two nights in Atlantic City were fantastic! It was a bit of a close call for the Team to get there—traffic was horrible! We are based in New York City so drove up on the Friday. And traffic was a mess to say the least! Worry not, we arrived safely and in plenty of time for what turned out to be a great weekend all around.

The Borgata is a lovely hotel, certainly a diamond in the rough of Atlantic City, if you will ☺ The evening began with the 5 Star preshow event. About 40 guests joined us for appetizers and drinks for the hour prior to the show starting. And of course there was the meet and greet! We will be posting lots of great photos, so make sure you keep checking in with us! The show was top as usual. A great crowd and another great performance from the band!

Saturday was a really neat day. Started out very normal, but in the afternoon, the team had the honor of spending some time with each of the band members and capturing some great footage of them for the website. I will share no more; you will have to see it as we post it! You will enjoy it that is for sure.

The preshow reception was great! Again about 40 fans gathered to enjoy some time before the show. I have to say that Moody Blues fans are far and wide just some of the kindest people you will ever meet, it really makes our job quite the pleasure! Its so nice to get a chance to meet and chat with so many of the folks you will see online and over email. Its for sure the coolest part of the job!

The meet and greet was lots of fun too. It’s really very cool to see people both meet the guys for the first time and see them again if they are familiar.

I also did a huge group photo of the band and the entire touring crew. That was really fun too. Its neat because you really do become a family when you are out there, and who doesn’t love a family photo?!?!

This tour was wonderful. The band, as you all know, seriously gets better as the years go on. It’s a pleasure this time, as it is every time, to work for such a kind group of men and equally as kind fans. Thank you from all of us to all of you for making this a wonderful experience everyday.

Until next time…


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