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Road Report: Bethlehem

Road Report: BETHLEHEM

Tonight was hot, in every way possible! Of course the show, but literally the temperature in Bethlehem, mixed with the humidity, left everyone more than ready for an air conditioned room! But, that is what the summer is all about, and there is something incredibly familiar and wonderful about a summer night like this. The band played at the Musikfest in Bethlehem, which is just a great little festival in general. The festival takes over the entire downtown area. There are all walks of life roaming the streets, and enjoying the summer nights.

Once you got through the street fair, you found yourself winding down to Sand Island, where the show was. The crowd was massive, a total sold out crowd. It took over two hours to get all of the fans into the gates, which is pretty massive (typically doors for a show are an hour, and that is plenty of time).

The band is doing well. I am amazed at how wonderful their spirits are, even on the hottest of days, so very far into a tour. But, they are, as per usual, true class acts. I spent a little time before the show with Gordy and Paul, which was nice. I had not had a chance to catch up with them really. War of the Worlds rehearsals begin less than 24 hours after Gordy and Justin arrive back to the UK, so it’s truly no rest for the weary! Then of course the full tour for WOTW begins in September.

The show was great. I was so amazed at the expanse of the crowd at this show. To stand on the stage and look out and have this sea of people awaiting the band to take the stage was wonderful. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what a legend this band is. They are. Plain and simple.

It’s amazing how fast this tour is going by. Up next is my hometown of NYC, which will be stellar no doubt.

So, until then…be well and enjoy your evenings or days, whichever it may be…


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