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Road Report: Boston

Road Report: BOSTON

July 30 2007

A great night for a concert. It was oddly cool out this evening for being Boston in late July. But, luckily the rain had fallen off and the setting was perfect for a night of Moody Blues in Beantown.

Of the hundreds of venues I have been to all around the country and world, I had not ever been to this one. It’s always exciting to see a new place. I love summer touring and outdoor shows. Or sheds, as we call them. There is nothing better than a show at a shed in the summer time. It just breeds happiness, you can’t deny it! Today has been quite a whirlwind actually, I am typing to you from my quiet little couch on the Amtrak back to New York City. Got to love the ease of the east coast- trips out and back home all in a days work!

It was genuinely a nice evening, in all ways that it could have been. I had the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with the fans before the show, some of them anyways ☺ That is always a really nice treat, to finally meet these people with whom you develop these virtual relationships with, whether via email or messages on the forums, etc. I do enjoy that part of this job, when you meet the fans and it all comes full circle.

Was lovely to see the band as well. If you ever wander, yes they are as lovely as you would think they were. You would never know that these are some of the finest musicians to have ever lived. Their egos will not allow it.

The show was brilliant as per usual. They sounded clean and crisp and full of life. I really think the shows may get better every night! I am so amazed by the praise they command after every song. The standing ovations that last what seems to be hours sometimes can’t help but make you just smile. These are legends, and they just want to play their music for the people that have allowed them to do so for so many years.

Another successful night for the band, another great show for the fans, and one more for the books!

I will post some photos for you soon too...

We’ll be seeing ya,

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