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Road Report: Chicago

Road Report: CHICAGO


Greetings from the Windy City, or in the case of today, the Rainy City. The weather was about the only thing that was off last night, because when it came to the show, everything was on, spot on! From the fans to the band and even several security guards I met who were fans, Chicago was happy to welcome an old favorite back to the stage.

The Chicago Theatre is an amazing building, one of those beautiful restored venues that has seen the likes of all of the greats in its halls. Some of them never want to leave- rumor has it its very haunted. I heard Norda talking about the lights in her and Julie’s room doing some odd things. Oh well, guess it adds to the charm! The hallways backstage are fantastic as well. Its one of those venues that encourages graffiti from its visiting acts. I love places like this. They make for some amazing photographs.

The show was electric. The band was having a wonderful time onstage, as per usual, and the crowd could not get enough of it. I love the fact that they get a standing ovation after every song, it just truly shows the way they have impacted their fans. It’s remarkable. The first half of the show was wonderful and left the crowd wanting more.

The Second Act started out great as well, and ‘Isn’t Life Strange’ was a huge hit, getting standing ovations before it was even finished. I really love when they play ‘The Other Side of Life’ because of two things, well three or four. 1: It’s a great song. 2. The glowsticks. 3. The video of the band that plays on the screen. 4. The part of the song where John and Justin do their stoic guitar jam together.

And of course there is the Higher and Higher jam, it just is such a fun song to see live. Graeme has a beautiful energy about him and just does such an amazing job with that number. It just sets up such a great forum for one of my favorite parts of the show, ‘Just a Singer’. That number is fantastic, it always is. The footage on the videoscreen is great too, it all just comes together perfectly to remind everyone of how it started and what genius is really there.

The switch to after that to Late Lament is wonderful too. I love to hear Graeme’s writing, in any form, and it’s a special treat that he does a bit of spoken word prior to Nights in White Satin, it just segues very well.

This was an amazing night, and the best part? It’s only halfway done! The band is doing great. I had some time to see Justin and John and let them know the wonderful feedback that all of the fans have been passing onto us. They were so happy to hear that you are all enjoying yourselves and are pleased that you continue to support them the way you do,

We will see you very soon,


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