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2006: US Winter Tour Summary
 Hello everyone!

While it is good to be home, I must say the Winter Tour was an excellent way to begin 2006! A few chilly days & nights followed by a couple of warm weeks in the sunshine, filled with great music and new friends, not a bad thing at all!

As I look back at all the photos & Road Journals from the tour, it is clear we enjoyed ourselves out on the road. It was a great time for the band, the crew, and most importantly…the fans! It is an exciting year for the Team as well. We have received some great feedback from fans who attended the shows & we are happy to hear you had as much fun as we did. The seats were great, the 5 Star events were lots of fun, and a diehard passion for The Moody Blues brought all of us together.

Looking back, my first memory of South Bend was the freezing cold weather & the very warm & friendly people. Two sisters Diane & Marilyn began their full Midwest run of shows, Laura drove all the way from Oklahoma and of course David & Mary, the first professional roller coaster riders I have ever met! Joliet was in the beautiful, historic Rialto Theatre, just a really special place to see a show, especially with the “Bagel Ladies” in attendance. Indianapolis was another chilly evening with another great bunch of people- for example businessman Bill, who once upon a time convinced his friend to let him work as a “caterer” so he could find a way to meet the Band! And then in Madison, just when I thought it couldn’t get any colder, it did! The 5 Star event and concert doubled as the ultimate birthday party for my new little friend Katie who turned 7 years old in high-musical style!

We escaped the bitter cold just in time and landed in the lovely coastal community of Ft Myers. And as if that wasn’t enough to make me happy, we had the pleasure of a surprise Meet & Greet with the band. It was a VERY special night for Bryan & Trish as they got to spend a little time, as well as trade golf tips with the guys. It will certainly be hard for Bryan to top this birthday gift to Trish next year!! On to Hollywood, where I met Bob & Leslie who were 5 Star attendees for almost all of the Florida shows. It was definitely a night of Moody Blues veterans, young & old. Kevin brought his 16 year old daughter who had a great time and represented the new generation of Moody Blues fans! Clearwater was a special treat since Harriett & I made up the entire 5 Star group between the two of us! As always, I really enjoy the history and amazing stories all of the fans bring and share at these events.

In Sarasota we spent the evening on a deck overlooking the harbor as we geared up for what proved to be one of the most electric shows of the tour. In Jacksonville we saw the show in what was once a Vaudeville theatre, otherwise known as the Florida Theatre. Karen & David drove all the way from Rhode Island to spend the evening with The Moody Blues. Now that’s a couple of serious fans! In Melbourne I met Sharon, Cathy & Nancy who came down from Pennsylvania to have some quality girl-time and some quality music-time at the show. And then, all of the sudden I found myself in Orlando, it was suddenly the very last night of the tour! I know I’ve said this more then once, but time really does fly when you are having fun…

And we did!! There was an amazing energy to the shows each and every night. From one song to the next the energy grew and grew, some nights I just stood out in the audience or on the side of the stage and took a moment to absorb the amazing vibe this group of musicians and their audience create time & again. John, Justin and Graeme, as well as Gordon, Norda, Bernie and Paul; these wonderful people really love what they do and WE love what they do too!

As I mentioned, we have gotten some great feedback and ideas for the future, so keep an eye out for new and exciting things to come… Don’t forget about the Fall UK Tour! I also want to take this opportunity to thank every one of you who has supported and constructively provided us with insight into the world of The Moody Blues. You have helped to usher in a new era for The Moody Blues Fan Community and we are proud to be a part of it.

Thank you from The Moody Blues and from all of us at, we are all very excited about the future!

Looking forward to seeing you soon- Have a great spring!


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