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Road Journal: Pacific Amphitheatre - Costa Mesa, CA

Dear Moody Blues Fans,

Well the one summer weekend of Moody Blues has come and gone, and my what a weekend it was!

After some crazy flight delays (four and a half hours on the runway for this New Yorker...) I was finally off to the OC. Upon my arrival I found it rather funny that the most beautiful place in the country was full of humid and cloudy weather, just like New York!

At any rate, the weekend was great. The signing brought out 300 plus of the Moody's Fans in the Costa Mesa area. The band looked fantastic, all rested and relaxed, completely enjoying the California day! There were tons of familiar faces present and accounted for, which is always a treat.

Ed, our Press Pass winner, was swiftly moved to the front of the line to get his Blue Guitar signed by the guys and a couple additional items as well. Make sure you check out some of his shots from up front at the signing that will be up soon!

Sunday found us in a familiar place, in the middle of a show. The crew was hardworking and brilliant as always. The band arrived around 4 PM to do a lengthy sound check to make sure all things were good in Moody world.

Once sound check was ended, the band had dinner and then came the meet and greet with 6 members of the Fan Community! We had the 2 sets from the OC Package purchasers and we then had our Rock Journalist winner!

The 6 of them had a private session with the band. It was great, the guys were lovely as always and the fans were so great, very patient. As it happens in rock and roll, schedules are rarely a thing kept. So the kind winners waited patiently for their legends to finish dining before they were able to meet up. But it was worth it! The evening was really special.

Our Rock Journalist, Marie, "had the time of her life" she said as she handed me the camera after the first couple songs were done.

This weekend was really fantastic. The fans and band were thrilled to be there, for a much needed dose of Rock and Roll! The vibe was electric in the venue, that's the best way to explain it.

It was great to see everyone and sad to see them go, but we're all excited at the promise of a great tour in the UK and Amsterdam this fall. We are ready and waiting and know you are too!

Until next time,

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