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Road Journal: Hard Rock - Orlando, FL

Can you believe this is it? Time flies when you are having fun...and we sure did! I have to say that this entire tour was truly a memorable one. The band played like the pros they are, the fans enjoyed like the pros they are, and I just got to be a part of it all! Today was busy, just wrapping up all of the odds and ends, but the show and preshow were some of the best so far!

A show at the Hard Rock is always a party, and ours began in the restaurant before the show. About a dozen or so of us had food and drinks and then made our way into the final night of magic! We had a few repeaters with the 5 Star tonight and a few new faces, all of which were fantastic to spend time with. The show, as you can guess, was electric! The band and crowd had a great time, and it was so much fun to watch. Graeme was funny at the start of “Nights In White Satin”...he accidentally messed up the start of the song and just had a laugh with the band and crowd, and had to try it again. It was very funny :)

The music this tour has been amazing. The band had lots of fun, sounded amazing and was in great spirits the whole time. Thank you so much, from all of us at The Moody Blues, it was a great time.

And thank you from the Team. We had a wonderful experience with all of you, and thank you for making us a new part of your community. We look forward to the future!!!

Until the next show, we bid you farewell...


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