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Road Journal: King Center for the Performing Arts - Melbourne, FL

So it’s a day before we are all done and it’s hard to believe that everything has gone by so quickly. Today and tonight were fantastic here in Melbourne. This is a great venue, with a great backstage. Lots of space, all brand new. These are things that you grow to truly appreciate after a while. If you can’t have your own house to roam, its nice to have a pleasant place to spend your day! And today, was one of those places...

And the 5 was in one of the most lovely little places tonight. The venue was kind enough to invite us to spend the evening in their Crown Club room. It is wide open and overlooks the rest of the property. I had a really great time with the guests tonight. As always...

We spent a couple hours before the show having drinks and appetizers. Everyone was really sweet and fun to be around. Make my days quite enjoyable!

The show, as always, was great. I just love to see the way the crowd interacts with the band each night. Every crowd is so different and evokes such a new vibe from the band. Night after night, the band and crowd deliver a whole new experience. They sounded amazing this evening. I sit and think about what a dynamic experience I get to witness each night, and it is pretty amazing. This is a band that is a marked piece of music history. This is a band that has taught the world about rock and roll music. And to be able to see them perform each night, to be able to have conversations with them...that is a pretty wonderful thing.

Well...tomorrow is IT!

Until then, Goodnight…

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