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Road Journal: Florida Theatre - Jacksonville, FL

Once again, we had a fabulous time tonight! The show was at the Florida Theater, in downtown Jacksonville. It happens to be an old Vaudeville theater, so you can imagine the amazing history of the building! I got a great photo of the Marquee, if you click the "Backstage" photo button in the gallery you can check it out. As usual, we had a really fun group of 5 star guests. We all enjoyed appetizers and drinks at the Copper Cellar, which is a fantastic spot right on the water! Lots of folks traveled near and far to spend the evening with The Moody Blues, and we all had a great time meeting each other & sharing our enjoyment of the band. Lots of stories and smiling faces, I am really lucky to meet so many wonderful people on behalf of the band. After our get together, we headed over to the show. And what a performance it was! Again, a sold out crowd and an amazing energy. The band was really on fire tonight and having a great time out on stage. I must say that Slide Zone is still one of my favorites, just a really cool tune. The band completely rocks on that number...not to say every song isn't just as AMAZING, but I am a fan of the rock and roll vibe of that particular song! So another wonderful night comes to a close. We are now back on the bus and heading to Melbourne...only 2 shows left, can you believe it?


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