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Road Journal: Van Wezel Performing Arts Center - Sarasota, FL

What a beautiful day it was in Sarasota. This morning when I stepped off the bus I was thrilled to see the ocean in front of me. What a treat! A gorgeous day turned into a wonderful evening. We had a lovely group of 5 Star guests, most of whom traveled quite a ways to get to the show. We had a great time enjoying cocktails and food at the Boathouse across from the venue. We sat on a private deck over the water and enjoyed getting to know each other and hearing all sorts of great stories. We headed over to the show around 7:30pm and what a night were we in for! I must say the vibe in the theater tonight was absolutely electric. The band was feeding off the incredible energy from the crowd. Just from meeting our 5 star guests earlier in the evening, I had a feeling this was going to be a GREAT audience tonight!!!! It was definitely one of the best shows of the tour. The band was on fire, and the crowd was loving it. The backstage area was completely buzzing as well…I do believe that most every friend and family member of the band was here tonight! Well, perhaps not every single one, but certainly quite a few visitors. That is always such a good thing to see. No matter who you are, having your friends and family with you, can put everthing on an entirely different plane. Maybe that’s what it was! It was a great show and great 5 star group. Thanks to EACH of you for attending. We had an especially good time, as always and I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the future.


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