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Road Journal: Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL

Tonight was the most unique 5 star of the tour.

Why? It was just Harriett and myself. That was it! The two of us had a really nice evening. We went to dinner together before the show and she told me some of the funniest Justin stories I have heard yet! Basically, a series of random events kept putting them in the same place at the same time. The first interface of the trip began at the airport when she asked for an autograph and her pen exploded all over his hands...oops!!!

But the very first time she ever heard him playing was in 1968 I the east village in New York City. She was in a building across the alley from him, and she heard someone playing this amazing music and had to find out who it could be...turns out it was Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues!

So clearly a small 5 Star group is no less interesting then a larger one! When we arrived at the theater, Miss Patricia, our other five star attendee joined us inside.The ladies looked to be having lots of fun during the least the pictures say so!

It was a great show, the theater was amazing and the sound was incredible. The backstage area is one of the nicest we have experienced along the tour...great food, comfortable couches and television in the dressing to love it!

Another night of great music, the band sounded lovely as always! I can't believe there are only three shows left. Time flies when you're having fun!


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