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Road Journal: Hard Rock - Hollywood, FL

Tonight was a fun one!

It’s always so lively at the Hard Rock. The place was completely buzzing before, during and after the show. The pre-show gathering for the 5 Star group was really fun. It was such a nice night we spent the evening outdoors on the patio. I got a chance to chat a bit with our guests, which is always interesting.

From Renee whose brother got her hooked on the Blues years and years ago, to Kevin and his daughter hanging out for the night, we had a great variety with us this evening. I would have to say that all of the shows combined of those attended well exceeds 1,000. We had some serious veterans with us this evening!

The show was a sold out crowd of 5000! It was really great to see, so fun to be a part of! The audience had a great time and were dancing all over the place! We even did some filming over the past couple days, so there is lots more footage waiting for you soon! I have decided that my song of the evening is Are You Sitting Comfortably, it’s a really cool song. Just very calm and lovely. Bernie’s voice at the beginning is a really neat element. It’s a very pure song in its sound and delivery. Just really unique. That's my pick for the night :)

Tomorrow is a day off, only a week or so left of this tour. It goes really fast when you are having this much fun. See you in a few days!


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