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Road Journal: Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall - Ft Myers, FL

Surprise surprise, two people got to meet the band tonight!!!

While the bands schedule has been rather intense (they are quite in demand and only available for two short weeks!) tonight permitted some time for the band to meet two of their fans! Trish and Bryan, a couple of our 5 Star guests, were randomly selected and got to do a Meet & Greet with the band tonight!

It was a nice little session. The band is in great spirits, the sunshine after that fantastic but cold Midwest run is doing us all lots of good! So the band came out, all smiles, and had a nice meeting with the Trish and Bryan. They had flown from California to see the show, and it was a birthday present for Trish, so it turned out to be the perfect gift! As you will see in the photos, golf was a topic of conversation with John, Graeme and Bryan. Make sure you check out the Meet & Greet photos in the TOUR section!

The 5 Star group was really great tonight. It was a really fun mix of people, all very excited to be there. One of my guests, Dwayne, is also going to be in Amsterdam this fall, so this was his first run through! It was three couples, Trish and Bryan, Bob and Leslie and Brian (with an I) and Anita. It was a really nice evening with them. We had a little walk there, we had some food and drinks at the Sanibel Palms and then headed back to the venue for what turned out to be a fantastic show! AS ALWAYS. But anyway, great evening for me, thanks to those who came to hang out!

And the show, as always was amazing. I just love when the band does Higher and Higher. The crowd reaction is just amazing. And its such a fun song to watch them play. Tonight was possibly the longest standing ovation that I have ever seen. The energy in the room was intense, it was just one of those performances, you know what I mean?

So I am gonna head off for now, until tomorrow.


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