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Road Journal: Overture Theatre - Madison, WI

-12 degrees. That is what the temperature was in Madison when the day started. So, this, our last day, was done right, Midwest winter style! This was the last of a 4 show run here in the Midwest, and wow was it fantastic! Every night the band has played to a sold out crowd. Madison was a great way to end the first part of the tour! We played at the Overture, an amazing venue that is under a year old. The acoustics were superb in this place. And the show, it was great, as always. Tonight my favorite song was definitely "Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band." They just jam out on that song. It’s a beautiful example of a true rock and roll song. I think I was born after my time, I really needed to be a child of the 60’s. Wait, let’s be honest, its probably better I was not! I am just happy that I still get to enjoy one of the masterpieces of the era, in a way I never would have been able to then!

But yes, the day and night, though cold outside it was lovely. The 5 star was great, we had a great imtimate group, and it was family night! I had 2 families with us tonight, which is sooooooooo cool. My parents NEVER did anything that funky for me! Also had Diane and Marilyn, ending their 4 show streak with me, sad to see them go…and I met Heather, it was a mom’s night out for her! So nice to meet everyone!!! So after some food and drinks and getting to know each other a bit, we made our way to the show. They had time to pick up a few goodies before and then made their way to their great seats! And did I mention that it was my little friend, Katie’s 7th birthday? And for her birthday, she wanted to see the Moodies live. She practiced dancing with Mom and Dad to the DVD at home. So for her big day, she got to see the show, 5 Star style! And do you know what else? Graeme saw his little fan and gave her his sticks after the show before he left the stage!

It was a great night, lots of fun as always. Getting sleepy, but 2 days off now (and I get to fly not ride to FL!!!) Lucky me :)

Good night…


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