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Road Journal: Murat Theatre - Indianapolis, IN

Tonight was a great night. The crowd was into it tonight, and as always the band was really on. I spent the first half of the show, not only watching the band, but really watching the crowd. The most interesting thing I found was the way the crowd follows the band. They know every change, every note, every single piece. And even if the audience remains in their chairs during the song itself, at the end of EVERY single song they get a standing ovation.

I have been to numerous concerts in my day, and never have I seen a crowd go to its feet after each song. That is a pretty remarkable feat. No pun intended. ;)

Today was horribly cold. Just a bitter cold that takes you for surprise! And the rumor is that tomorrow is supposed to be well below zero. Which is even harder to get a handle on! But oh well!!!

The evening was really very nice. As per always, we had a lovely group for the 5 Star. I have to admit, my favorite story of the night came from Bill who is a very successful business man, but admittedly convinced his friend who is a caterer several year ago that it would be a good idea to let him work so he could meet The Moody Blues. It was a really good story! I love that bands can make perfectly normal, successful people turn to adoring teenagers with the mere mention of their name. It’s a great thing I say!

Everyone is doing well around here. The band, as always, is in top form, lovely as ever. And yes, they are as kind and lovely as you had hoped they would be :).

So it is past my bedtime, therefore I must travel on. I hear the bus food is Jimmy Johns, which if you have never had these sandwiches, you are really missing out!!! So one more in the Midwest and then to the sunshine, yeah!!!

It was a great show, thanks for having us.


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