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Road Journal: Rialto Theatre - Joliet, IL

So tonight we were in the beautiful Rialto Theater in Joliet, IL. This place was incredible. Evidentially it was nearly knocked down years ago, in hopes of putting in a parking garage, but a local music teacher had other plans! And because of her efforts, this amazing theater, which is on the National Register of Historical Places, is now up and running and fantastic. It’s a pretty impressive organization. For every event, there is a huge staff of volunteers to be ushers and bartenders, etc. It was a really great place to go for a show. Good stuff I say!

It was really rather cold and rainy today. But that did not stop the sold out crowd that showed up for one amazing performance. The logistical set up for this theater was a bit of a challenge…it’s a very small backstage area. Which you would not think, by seeing the expanse of the lobby and theater itself. But I guess all of that did not leave much for the stage. At any rate, the amazing Moody Blues crew knocked it out and prepared for another incredible show!

The 5 Star reception was lovely. We had about 20 people this evening. And they were all great!!! I have a lot of fun with these folks, it is really great to hear their stories, find out about their lives, etc. I had some really good conversations tonight. One lovely guest, who shall remain nameless ;) was eager to say that she has 7 horses on her land, any of which Justin could ride at any time. Take that as you will. But yes, had great conversations about everything from really great bands to see live…Green Day was my pick from the past year, I had a chance to catch them at a festival they played that I happened to be on tour/attending, System of a Down was mentioned as well, and I believe the OzzFest, VIP style came up too! I also found out that animals don’t get red eye in photos, they get yellow eyes. See all the good things I learn! But this, these experiences, are all very good. And like I have said before, I completely get the appreciation for a band. I was a die hard of a little band called Phish, and would travel to the depths of the world to see their shows. I once traveled to and camped out in the Everglades for a set of their shows. Now if that’s not love I don’t know what is!!! It was about the music. And the music was good. And it hooked me from the instant I heard it, and never let me go. Let’s hope they decide to un-retire ;) I have connections now!!!! Hehehe. But it was great to chat with everyone, from the ‘Bagel Ladies’ to my guests who I will see again in Amsterdam and all points in between, it’s a pleasure. Thanks for a great evening!

Let’s see, the show… Well it began with a great Lovely to See You and just went on from there, in a FANTASTIC way! The sets are always so good. It amazes me night after night how plain and simple the fact is: these are amazing musicians who love what they do. And they have an amazing fan base that allows them to continue doing it. It’s a very good cycle we have going here! I have also decided that my favorite song of the show at the present moment is Slide Zone. It just rocks and I like it. This is a really great tour, a good vibe. It’s only going to get better and better! And soon the sunshine…yeah!!! OK bed time…my bunk is a calling!

Good evening…


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