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Road Journal: Morris Performing Arts Center - South Bend, IN

Well all, the first night has come and gone. Tonight was amazing. The first night of an entirely sold out tour. What a way to kick it off!

The evening began with the FIRST EVER FIVE STAR PACKAGE! And I must say, it was with a lovely group of people! It was an intimate gathering, bringing lots of fans from close by, some from Chicago, a quick trip, some from Michigan, a kind of quick trip, and the award for the farthest DRIVE (because someone did fly from California!) was Miss Laura, who drove all the way from Oklahoma…central nonetheless. It was a really nice evening, we spent time having some drinks and eats next door to the venue at a great little spot and then headed into the venue about 30 minutes before show time. AND WOW WERE THE SEATS CLOSE! Seriously, you were about 10 inches from the stage. It was fantastic!!! The sound in this venue was unbelievable. Of course because it’s the Moody Blues, but the sound in general is really amazing here. It was great to see everyone, some time off seemed to have done everyone’s spirits good. The boys were quite on point and sounded wonderful as always. Welcome to your 40th year!!!

I had a chance to speak to John before the show as he came on the stage. He gave me a hug and we just did your typical hellos and catch up. Great to see him! He had a gig to play, so no time for a deep convo. I popped in on the entire band in the midst of a meeting, so it was just a brief hello and then I was on my way. I did see Justin after the show. It was nice to see him and say hello. We had a hug and spoke about our holidays. He was really pleased with the show and had a great time tonight. He was happy to hear that it was good from the audience, sound wise and vibe wise. He said that the nice long sound check made for a great show as well. The band and crew have put in some really long hours in getting ready for the tour.

It’s great to be back, everyone is happy and ready for a great run, even though it’s short, it will be fantastic, no doubt!

We’ll see you soon, good evening.



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